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02: Collect 2019: Softness is Craft

In our second episode, Softness is Craft, we review our trip to Collect 2019. The art fair is run by the Craft Council and takes place annually at the Saatchi Gallery. It showcases makers of all disciplines bound by the word "craft".

Collect comprises of individual galleries showcasing artists in a setting that sits in a strange space between gallery and shop, (I guess you could argue any exhibition is a shop to the super rich) these areas are small and sometimes ill curated, busy and other times beautifully considered and well executed, our favourite being Craft Scotland, with special mention to Petronilla Silver. Upstairs was Collect Open a showcase of individual makers in a more spacious curated area - we enjoyed the innovative hanging methods and framing of textiles pieces by Jan Bowman and Katherine Swailes.

In this episode we discuss the role of Collect as a exhibition and shop, what role this plays on the pieces and the audiences that engage with them. How this adds o…

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